2008 Mitsubishi Lancer EVO X Starts at $34,000

Mitsubishi has announced the pricing for the 2008 Lancer Evolution.

The estimated base price for the GSR model is $34,000 and the top of the line MR model will start at $39,000. The MR model is mainly differentiated from the GSR model with its 6-speed dual clutch transmission (TC-SST). Both models are powered by the same 2.0L turbocharged 291 horsepower engine.

Mitsubishi claims that the GSR model will go on sale in February, but the automaker is more vague about the MR model, saying that it will go on sale sometime in the spring of 2008.

Are those prices too high considering the last EVO GSR started at $28,679 and the last MR started at $35,189?

2008_mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_image003.jpg 2008_mitsubishi_lancer_evolution_x_image010.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.grille.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.gsr.act.f34.1.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.gsr.actprf.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.gsr.eng.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.crg.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.gsr.prf.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.int.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.mr.act.f34.1.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.mr.f34.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.mr.r34.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.seat.500.jpg 08.mitsubishi.lancer.shifter2.500.jpg mitsubishi_lancer_evo_gsr_001.jpg

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