2008 HUMMER H2 Tries to Fill the Void Left by the Defunct H1

Right ahead of its release at the New York Auto show next month, photos of the 2008 HUMMER H2 have surfaced. The super-sized SUV has a revised interior, exterior and an upgraded engine.

A 6.2L V8 engine will be the top engine in the new model. It features 393 hp and a 6-speed auto.

The front end has a slightly revised grill and bumper. The instrument panel and seats have also been revised in the interior.

So the new H2 gets a 6-speed auto, but the smaller H3 has to make due with an archaic 4-speed auto. Interesting… Also what kind of mpg is this thing going to get? I guess now that the H1 is dead, they had to come out with an even more powerful, gas guzzling version of the H2. I do like the interior though. Much better than the last version.

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