2008 Honda Civic Mugen RR Sells Out in 10 Minutes!…The 240 HP Civic's Are All Sold!

The Honda Civic Mugen RR which is based on the JDM Civic Type R in Japan has a limited production of 300 units. On September 14th at 9am in Japan, the car went on sale. 10 minutes later 300 reservations had been received, which meant the limited edition car was sold out.

You can assume that over 300 reservations were accepted just in case any of the first 300 buyers decide to back out. But it is for certain that all 300 versions of the car are now sold out before the car is actually delivered to customers this coming January.

The car sold for 4,777,500 yen or ($38,750).

img4_20070628_17482974_2_l.jpg img4_20070628_17482974_3_l.jpg img4_20070628_17482974_4_l.jpg img4_20070628_17482974_5_l.jpg

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