2008 Honda Accord Sedan Spy Photos…Finally Someone Caught the New Sedan!

Brenda Priddy and Co. have finally caught a thinly disguised 2008 Honda Accord Sedan during testing. Thanks to Autoblog and Temple of VTEC we now can see what the much anticipated car will look like. The new Accord looks very close to the coupe that was also caught testing a few weeks ago. The car pictured here is most likely a 4-cylinder version of the new car.

The 2008 Accord is expected to get an enlarged engine with cylinder deactivation to keep the fuel-economy in check. It is expected to be a 3.5L with approx. 270 horsepower. The 4-cylinder is expected to put out around 180 horsepower.

As you can tell from the pics the car is still very conservative. My immediate reactions were that it looks like they took elements from the Hyundai Sonata and Acura RL. I was hoping for something more striking since a Honda insider stated that the new Accord would be like the new Civic was, something very different. It looks like the Coupe will be the wiser choice for this generation.

Hopefully the new Acura TSX will still be the jewel it is today.

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