2008 BMW M3 Convertible Officially Unveiled

BMW has officially unveiled the 2008 M3 Convertible.

The M3 Convertible is powered by the same 420 horsepower V8 as the sedan and coupe versions. BMW has yet to release any pricing or a launch date for the new convertible.

Stay tuned…

2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_1.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_2.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_4.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_5.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_6.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_7.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_8.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_9.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_10.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_11.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_12.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_13.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_14.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_15.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_16.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_17.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_18.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_19.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_20.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_21.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_22.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_23.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_24.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_25.jpg 2008_bmw_m3_convertible_images_26.jpg

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The new BMW M3 Convertible

The BMW M3 model family is being upgraded by yet another fascinating player: The new BMW M3 Convertible, the third body version of BMW’s high-performance sports car following the Coupé and Saloon, offers new possibilities to experience uncompromising driving dynamics.

Third body version of the new BMW M3; high-performance convertible from BMW M GmbH unique in its design and technical features; developed on the basis of the BMW 3 Series Convertible; consistent orientation to the high-performance character typical of BMW M, as with the BMW M3 Coupé and the BMW M3 Saloon. Car concept with a consistent, unique tradition: Fourth generation of both the BMW M3 Convertible and the BMW M3 Coupé.

Unique combination of outstanding driving dynamics with aesthetic looks, unparalleled experience of open-air motoring and superior everyday driving qualities in that special combination specific to BMW M. Electrohydraulically operated retractable hardtop ensuring supreme performance in the BMW M3 Convertible with nothing but the sky above.

Authentic BMW M design as the expression of superior drive power; aluminium engine lid with striking powerdome; characteristic front end with large air intakes; powerfully flared wheel arches; specific BMW M interpretation of the classic lines of a BMW Convertible with its dynamically stretched silhouette, low waistline and muscular, low-slung rear end; gill elements in the front side walls; M-specific side sills contoured even more specifically towards the rear of the car as a visual tribute to rear-wheel drive; rear air dam with diffuser optimising the flow of air beneath the car; dual tailpipes typical of BMW M.

Exclusive driving experience: The unique power and performance of a BMW M3 combined with an incomparably intense experience of the sun and wind unique to a BMW Convertible.

The BMW M3 Convertible is powered by BMW M’s brand-new V8 displacing 4.0 litres and developing maximum output of 309 kW/420 hp; maximum torque is 400 Nm/295 lb-ft at 3,900 rpm; maximum engine speed 8,400 rpm, optimum muscle and thrust throughout the entire range of engine speed.

Individual throttle butterflies, variable double-VANOS camshaft control, Brake Energy Regeneration; engine 15 kg lighter than the six-cylinder power unit on the former model.