Tesla just unveiled its latest model, the Tesla Semi electric truck and it’s already getting orders. Walmart has already ordered 15 Tesla Semi trucks, which will be used in the US and Canada.

tesla semi

Following the debut of the Tesla Semi, Walmart stated, “We believe we can learn how this technology performs within our supply chain, as well as how it could help us meet some of our long-term sustainability goals, such as lowering emissions.”

Walmart has been trying to find ways to reduce its emissions and costs. A few years ago the company unveiled its own hybrid trucks, but now Walmart is ready to test 5 Tesla Semi trucks in the United States and 10 trucks in Canada.

tesla semi

Other companies are also jumping on board as well, since freight company J.B. Hunt also confirmed that it will add the Tesla Semi trucks to its fleet. “J.B. Hunt is the first mover, particularly with regard to Tesla, but we expect other carriers to follow as electric tractor viability becomes proven.”

The Tesla Semi has a driving range of 500 miles and can reach 60 mph in only five seconds without a trailer. With an 80,000 pound load the Tesla Semi can reach 60 mph in 20 seconds.

Source: Electrek