Electrify America, which came into existence after VW‘s diesel-gate scandal, has announced that it’s installed 10 DC fast chargers in California.

Electrify America

Electrify America has announced that it’s installed the new DC fast chargers at the San Francisco Premium Outlets, a mall that’s operated by Simon. The new chargers at the outlets are the first location in California location with 350-kW fast chargers. Out of the 10 DC fast chargers, eight are 150 kW chargers and two are 350 kW chargers.

The 350-kW chargers can recharge an electric vehicle at 20 miles a minute, which equates to 200 miles of driving range in only 10 minutes. While the two 350-kW chargers are available, unfortunately no electric vehicle can currently use them as intended, since none of them are able to charge that quickly, yet. For now the two 350-kW chargers can still be used, but they will charge the vehicles at a slower rate.

Electrify America isn’t stopping with the new chargers in San Francisco, since it has plans to install charging systems at Simon locations nationwide including 17 locations in California, with 95 additional chargers.