When the Mirai debuted in 2015 it was a big deal since it was the first production hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle offered for sale to retail customers in North America. While the Mirai put fuel cell vehicles on the map, one thing that we didn’t care for, was it’s styling. Well Toyota is about to fix that, since it just unveiled the 2021 Mirai concept, which previews the second-generation Mirai.

The 2021 Mirai now looks sleeker and less polarizing than the current generation with its more coupe-like styling. It also helps that the 2021 Mirai is now based on a sportier rear-wheel drive platform, compared to the current front-wheel drive Mirai. The new platform allowed for designers to make the Mirai lower, longer, and wider.

Inside the interior also looks more upscale than the current generation and more aligned with what you’d expect in a luxury sedan, than the current Mirai. The dashboard is also dominated by an eight-inch digital screen in front of the driver and a 12.3-inch touchscreen infotainment system.

Toyota hasn’t released the specs for the 2021 Mirai, but it is targeting 30 percent longer driving range. It’s powertrain will also be more powerful.

The 2021 Toyota Mirai will go on sale in late 2020.