Toyota is out to prove that its cars are no longer boring. With the debut of the latest Camry and Prius, Toyota has tried to inject a lot more emotion to both vehicles, but to prove that they have better performance, both vehicles will race in the 2018 One Lap of America rally.

Toyota 2018 One Lap of America

Three teams from Toyota’s manufacturing plants in Indiana, and West Virginia and its Production Engineering & Manufacturing Center in Georgetown, Kentucky, will race three 2018 Camry models and a 2017 Prius.

Toyota 2018 One Lap of America

“We were doing track testing just a few days ago with the Camry Hybrid,” said Toyota Indiana engineer James Nichols. “It was met with humor by other drivers in the paddock, but, when we started passing cars on the track, the atmosphere changed. I think we’re going to surprise some people out there.”

The One Lap of America rally takes place over eight days (May 5-12) and covers 3,675 miles. “We truly believe that lessons we learn on the track in vehicle performance, safety, problem solving and teamwork make us better engineers,” said Toyota senior engineering manager Brandon Barach.

Source: Toyota

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