Hurricane Irma is now impacting Florida residents and to help them quickly escape the hurricane’s path, Tesla has performed an over-the-air update to give some owners in Florida more driving range.

Tesla Model X

The quick update is only for the Model S 60 and Model X 60 models that are equipped with the 75 kWh battery pack. The 75 kWh battery is software-locked and although Tesla can normally charge up to $9,000 to unlock the extra range, Tesla has given these owners a short term fix.

Some owners in Florida have noticed that their car’s suddenly have an additional 40 miles of range, while the infotainment system has also been updated to 75 or 75D. Tesla reportedly decided to upgrade the software in some Florida-registered vehicles after an owner wrote an email to Tesla stating that he needed extra driving range to escape the hurricane’s path.

Tesla hasn’t announced how long the battery upgrade will last for these owners.

Source: Electrek