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Tesla Model 3

When will the $7,500 tax credit expire for Tesla buyers?

If you're planning on getting a Tesla Model 3, Model S or Model X, you better act soon, since the $7,500 federal tax credit...
Tesla Model X

Tesla drops the Model X price to $79,500

Tesla has made the Tesla Model X crossover a little more attainable thanks to a slightly lower price. The Model X now starts $3,000...
Tesla Model S and Model X

Tesla Model S reclaims Consumer Reports’ top title

Consumer Reports has announced that the Tesla Model S has returned to its perch as the publication's top rated ultra-luxury sedan. The change happened...
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AAA wants Tesla owners to pay more for insurance

Popular national insurer, AAA is raising its rates on Tesla vehicles, since it has researched data that shows that Tesla Model S and Model...
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Tesla Model S and X get lower Consumer Reports ratings

Consumer Reports has announced that it is lowering its rating of the Tesla Model S and X models, since both models fail to offer...