Polestar has released another teaser of its new model on YouTube, but this teaser doesn’t really show more than the previous teasers. Rather than reveal more of its first model, since separating from Volvo, Polestar talks about everything that the car isn’t.

“Our relentless focus on details, always putting our product first, is grounded in a design philosophy where state of the art engineering is the foundation of everything we do. We don’t settle for average. We don’t search for middle ground. Our cars are not built to fit into pre-defined segments or to fit a certain target group.”

Polestar New Model Polestar New Model

It’s still not known what Polestar’s first model will actually be, but it’s rumored that it could be a hybrid coupe with around 600 horsepower. We’ll find out on October 17 when the model debuts in Shanghai.

Source: YouTube and Instagram