Nissan recently launched the second generation 2018 Nissan Leaf, but it will soon not be the only electric vehicle in Nissan’s lineup. A Nissan exec has confirmed that Nissan will introduce four new electric cars and two Infiniti electric cars over the next five years.

The six electric cars are part of the 12 new EVs that Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi by 2022. When CEO Carlos Ghosn revealed the electric car plans last September, he did not reveal which of the 12 new EVs would get Nissan and Infiniti badges. Toshihiro Hirai, Nissan’s corporate vice president for powertrain and EV engineering, has now revealed the details.

The 12 new electric cars will be fully electric models. Nissan has even bigger plans for its future hybrid lineup. We don’t know all the details yet, but by 2021 every Infiniti model will either feature a fully electric powertrain or Nissan’s e-Power hybrid system.

We also already know that Nissan’s next electric car will be an electric SUV.

Source: Automotive News