Nissan’s two iconic sports cars, the Z and GT-R are quite old and although there have been rumors that the Z could disappear, Nissan has stated that a new Z is coming. In fact, Nissan recently revealed that it is currently trying to figure out what the future holds for both sports cars.

2018 Nissan 370Z NISMO Tech

Speaking to Top Gear, Nissan’s Chief Planning Officer, Philippe Klein stated “We have the Z and the GT-R, lots of fans, and we are fans of these cars also.  I’m not able to give you details, but I would like you to keep in mind that we are considering the future of these vehicles.”

So although Nissan says that it is contemplating the future of both the Z and GT-R, it appears that it will be a while until we get to see the next-generation models debut. Nissan recently stated that the GT-R50 is not a preview of the next GT-R.

While little is known about the future of either the Z or GT-R, they both might get electrified powertrains. Klien hinted at an electrified powertrain for both the next-generation Z and GT-R, “I don’t know how much experience you have with EVs, but they are very fun to drive.”

“This is why we’re moving to electrification with e-power. In the end we would like the regulations to take nothing away from how fun the car is to drive. It’s not always easy, but this is the direction. Yes, we’re still looking at the future of sports cars, hot cars, and fun to drive cars,” Klein stated.