Yesterday BMW chairman Harald Krüger announced that the next-generation BMW X5 will debut later this year. The new X5 will debut a little earlier than expected considering the fact that the current model has only been around for about four years.

Either way, this 2018 will be BMW’s “X year” as BMW puts it, thanks to the recent debuts of the X3, X2, the new X4 that is coming this summer and the next-generation X5. It’s not known when the new X5 will debut, but there are rumors that it will debut at the Paris Motor Show in October.

Other than the announcement that the new X5 will debut later this year, BMW has not revealed any other details about it. It’s expected that it will switch to BMW’s CLAR platform, while its overall styling won’t be a dramatic departure from the current model. We can expect it to be a bit larger than the current X5.

BMW is also expected to increase its X lineup with the debut of the new 2019 X7 flagship later this year as well.

Source: BMW