Land Rover is reportedly getting ready to expand its lineup with the addition of a more car-like model in 2020. According to the most recent reports, the new Range Rover “car” will share its platform with the next Jaguar XJ.

Autocar is reporting that that the new Range Rover car, which it calls the “Road Rover” will share its DNA with the next XJ, but rather than being a sedan, the Range Rover car will actually be a wagon, similar to the Audi A4 Allroad. The new Range Rover car will also forego a traditional engine and instead it will be powered by a two-motor electric powertrain. The electric powertrain will give the Road Rover a driving range around 300 miles.

The Road Rover will be Range Rover’s first fully electric vehicle. If the reports are accurate we should see the new Range Rover car debut sometime in 2020. The next Jaguar XJ is expected to debut sometime in 2019 with a fully electric powertrain.

Source: Autocar