In addition to news about the possible name for Hyundai’s new large SUV, there’s also a report circulating that Kia may use the new K900’s rear-wheel drive platform for its new big SUV. According to Orth Hedrick, Kia’s US product planner, the chances of K900-based crossover could happen.

Kia Telluride Concept

Hedrick recently hinted at the idea in an interview with Motor Authority where he called the K900-based crossover a “a natural thing.” Unfortunately he stopped short of confirming the SUV, but he did say that it’s a possibility. “The components are there,” Hedrick said. “We don’t have anything in the plans yet, but we certainly could. All the rolling stock is there.”

Kia recently confirmed that it is working on a production version of the Telluride concept that debuted in 2016. When asked why Kia decided to do another K900 after the first generation basically flopped in the US., Hedrick stated, that Kia is “not a one and done kind of company.” Plus the he also added, “and it has a platform we can build off of.”

Source: Motor Authority