Kia’s new high-performance rear-wheel drive sedan, the Kia Stinger, may offer a V8 option in the United States. The Kia Stinger has already been unveiled with 2.0L four-cylinder and 3.3L V6 engines, but Kia may be working on a new V8 version for North America.

2018 Kia Stinger

Kia Australia general manager Kevin Hepworth revealed to CarAdvice that a V8 version of the Stinger is being developed for North America. “I believe they’re developing one,” Hepworth said. “I believe they’re developing one,” Hepworth said. “There may be a possibility the US could pick it up.”

The Kia Stinger V8 will likely be powered by the same 420-hp 5.0L V8 that powers the Kia K900 and Genesis G90. Even though the V8 only generates 420 horsepower in the two large sedans, it could get a horsepower bump for the Stinger.

Source: CarAdvice