Currently the Jeep Renegade (pictured here) is the smallest off-roader in Jeep’s lineup, but a new report claims that Jeep is working on an even smaller SUV that will rival the Suzuki Jimny in Europe.

According to Auto Express, the new ultracompact Jeep will arrive in 2022, but we don’t know if it will only be offered in Europe.

Marco Pigozzi, Jeep’s head of brand marketing in Europe, told Auto Express, “The car will be able to be used as a bad-ass Jeep, but it has also been designed to be used every day.”

At around 13 feet long, the new Jeep will be smaller than the Renegade, but slightly longer than the lovable Jimny. There’s also a good chance that the new Jeep will get an electrified powertrain, since Jeep recently announced plans to electrify its entire lineup.