If you like the bright green Gecko exterior color on the Wrangler, Jeep has announced that it is now offering the bright color on the Gladiator. The catch is that you have to order the 2021 Gladiator in Gecko Green by early October.

It’s also still available on the Wrangler, but orders close in August. The color lists for $245.

Jeep has also announced a new Jeep Performance Parts (JPP) windshield with Corning Gorilla Glass that’s available directly from the factory. The windshield is made out of a combination of an ultra-thin Gorilla Glass inner ply with a 52% thicker outer ply that makes it up to three times more resistant to chips, cracks and fractures. It’s priced at $95.

Jeep also announced a new Sunrider Flip Top a few weeks ago for both models, which offers a front-row soft top that easily flips back to open up the roof.