A new report claims that Jaguar has given the green light to a new flagship SUV, called the J-Pace, which will arrive in 2021. The Jaguar J-Pace will also be an electrified model that’s based on Jaguar Land Rover’s new MLA platform.

According to Autocar, the Jaguar J-Pace is coming in about two years. When it arrives, the J-Pace will feature an electrically driven rear axle to give the SUV all-wheel drive. The report claims that the MLA platform will be used for all Jaguar Land Rover models by 2025. All MLA-based plug-in hybrid models will feature an electrically-driven rear axle, just like the J-Pace.

The Jaguar J-Pace will come standard with a plug-in hybrid powertrain and it’s expected that it will at least have a 50 mile EV driving range. Sources also claim that a fully electric J-Pace is also likely.