Last week Jaguar unveiled the 2018 Jaguar E-Pace crossover, which starts at a pretty attainable $39,595 with the destination fee. Now that Jaguar has introduced new entry models, like the E-Pace and XE sedan, Jaguar may decide to go even further down market with a lineup of even smaller cars.

Jaguar’s design director, Ian Callum was recently question about if Jaguar had any plans to introduce something smaller than the E-Pace, which he simply replied with, “No plans, but I’d like to think so.”

Although Ian Callum hinted at the idea of a smaller range of Jaguar models, there aren’t any currently in the works and building them would have some difficulties. Mercedes-Benz and BMW has been able to go smaller with their new front-wheel drive models, since they have a common platform, but Jaguar wouldn’t be able to use the E-Pace’s platform for a range of smaller models. The E-Pace is based on an all-wheel drive SUV platform, which wouldn’t work for the smaller models.

“There’s no alternative to go front-wheel drive, transverse-engine here [with E-Pace],” Callum stated.

Although Jaguar hasn’t decided on any specific smaller models, Callum did reveal that the next-generation XE will remain a rear-wheel drive sedan and will have greater differentiation between itself and the larger XF.

Source: Autocar