Hyundai and Audi have announced that they have entered into a new partnership to develop fuel cell vehicle technology. Even though the agreement is between Hyundai and Audi, the technology and fuel cell vehicles developed as part of this new agreement can be used by Kia and Audi’s parent company Volkswagen.

Hyundai Nexo

The partnership between Hyundai and Audi will leverage collective R&D capabilities in fuel cell technology to elevate their presence in the fuel cell segment. As a first step, Hyundai will give Audi access to the technology that it’s used for its ix35 Fuel Cell and Nexo.

“This agreement is another example of Hyundai’s strong commitment to creating a more sustainable future whilst enhancing consumers’ lives with hydrogen-powered vehicles, the fastest way to a truly zero-emission world,” said Euisun Chung, Vice Chairman at Hyundai Motor Company. “We are confident that the Hyundai Motor Group-Audi partnership will successfully demonstrate the vision and benefits of FCEVs to the global society.”

Hyundai and Audi have also agreed to look at other opportunities in their collaboration.

“The fuel cell is the most systematic form of electric driving and thus a potent asset in our technology portfolio for the emission-free premium mobility of the future,” said Peter Mertens, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG. “On our FCEV roadmap, we are joining forces with strong partners such as Hyundai. For the breakthrough of this sustainable technology, cooperation is the smart way to leading innovations with attractive cost structures.”

Source: Hyundai and Audi