Honda has been pretty quiet about its future electric car plans other than the two retro styled concepts that its unveiled in the past few months. It’s now being reported that Honda is working on a new lineup of electric vehicles that will only need 15 minutes to recharge.

Honda Sports EV Concept
Honda Sports EV Concept

Honda’s new electric cars will arrive in 2022 and will only need 15 minutes to add up to 150 miles of driving range. Today most electric cars take at least twice as long using a DC Fast Charger. Honda will be able to significantly reduce the charging times that its electric cars will need thanks to a new high-capacity battery that will be developed with a new partner.

Even though Honda’s new ultra fast charging electric cars will arrive within the next five years, the biggest hurdle will be the existing charging network. Right now the charging network can’t support the fast charging speeds that Honda would need, but Europe is expected to have 350 kW charging stations powered up by 2020.

Source: Nikkei