General Motors announced last month that it plans to expand the number of electric vehicles in its portfolio. The first two EVs will be introduced within the next 18 months and then the another 18 will be added within the next five years.

GM CEO and Chairman Mary Barra revealed more details about the automaker’s plans today, in which she confirmed that the next two electric vehicles will be electric crossovers. One of the crossovers will be badged as a Buick, but GM has not confirmed which brand will get the second crossover.

The rest of the electric vehicles will start arriving in 2019 and will be based on new EV platforms. By 2021 GM hopes to have another platform ready that will take advantage of lower battery costs. GM hasn’t revealed exactly what all the electric cars will be but it has confirmed that most of them will be crossovers. An electric sedan, a couple minivans and even an electric sports car are also in the works.

While some automakers have openly said that electric vehicles are not profitable, GM sees a different story. “We are committed to a future electric vehicle portfolio that will be profitable.”

GM also hopes to produce 1 million electric vehicles globally by 2026.