Ford significantly cut the weight of the F-Series pickups when it switched to an aluminum body and now General Motors is reportedly looking at a new lighter material for its next generation pickups. According to sources General Motors is going to use carbon fiber for the beds of its redesigned Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.

next generation Chevy Silverado GMC Sierra carbon fiber
2018 GMC Sierra All Terrain

Generally carbon fiber has been used in more expensive vehicles, since it costs more than aluminum and steel, but it’s also considerably stronger and lighter. Carbon fiber is expected to be used as part of a mix of materials for the pickups, which will also include aluminum. The truck beds could also introduce GM’s first use of carbon fiber reinforced thermoplastic.

The carbon fiber beds are expected to be introduced within the next two years and will likely only be used on the more premium trim levels of the pickups. The next-generation Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra are expected to be introduced next year, so the carbon fiber beds will not be offered initially on the pickups.

Source: Automotive News

  • Ernie

    Will it shatter if dumping a load into the bed???

    • teldar

      I would think that would be a distinct possibility. They may be banking on the idea that nobody who buys one of the trucks with carbon fiber reinforced beds dumps anything in it. Or they may coat them all with a rubber liner to absorb the shock. I have a f150 and don’t dump anything in it. If i’m doing anyting construction or yard related, i use a trailer. .