Last year Genesis, Hyundai’s new luxury brand said that it had no plans for a halo sports car, but it looks like that decision has quickly changed for the better. Hyundai design vice-president Luc Donckerwolke recently hinted at the prospect of a new high-performance two-seater sports car for the Genesis brand.

2019 Genesis G70
2019 Genesis G70

“We are definitely doing it,” Donckerwolke revealed to Wheels Magazine. “I’m actually reviewing the project next week, after CES. I can’t tell you much more about it, but we are definitely doing it. We are not going autonomous for all of our cars!”

Hyundai vice-chairman of research and development, Woong-chul Yang also confirmed the new Genesis sports car. “We are very much interested in it and as far as I’m concerned I’d love to promote that [a sportscar],” Yang stated. “That’s something our brand needs at this time. The people working at N will be working on that, but how we put it in the N or maybe above N… it’s pretty high performance. It’s serious.”

As of right now there aren’t too many details about the new sports car, but there’s a chance that it could feature an electrified powertrain. “We cannot say it will just be hybrid,” Yang said. “But we will use electric motors and batteries to make it more performance.”

It’s not known when the Genesis sports car will debut, but a concept version is likely at least a few years away.

Source: Wheels Magazine