With 840 horsepower on tap, the 2018 Dodge Challenger SRT Demon could easily be on your list of most wanted cars, but you better act fast. The Challenger SRT Demon will not be coming back for the 2019 model year. When it debuted, Dodge announced that only 3,300 units would be produced for the 2018 model year and it’s sticking to that plan.

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There have been reports that some dealers have been spreading false reports that a 2019 Challenger SRT Demon will be available, but they are false.

“2018 only, one-and-done. The people who sit back and wait for next year are going to miss out,” Dodge’s Tim Kuniskis recently told Allpar.com.

There’s always a chance that the Challenger SRT Demon could come back with the next generation Challenger, but for now get one while you can.

Source: Allpar