A new report claims that General Motors and Ford are planning to kill off some of their slower selling car models, like the Chevy Sonic, Impala and Ford Taurus. The Wall Street Journal has received inside info from several sources that claim that the two automakers are planning to discontinue at least four models.

2018 Chevrolet Impala

The first model to disappear will likely be the Chevy Sonic, which could be discontinued as early as this year. The Chevy Impala will be discontinued within the next few years. Ford is expected to stop selling the Fiesta in the United States by early next year, which makes sense, since Ford already announced plans to not bring the new Fiesta to the US, even though it’s already on sale in Europe. The Ford Taurus will also face the same fate sometime in the near future.

2017 Ford Taurus

With car sales down 11 percent so far this year it’s no surprise that some slower selling models will be dropped. If car sales continue this trend throughout the rest of the year, 2018 will mark the fifth year in a row that sales have dropped for the car segment.

Source: Automotive News and Wall Street Journal