BMW is considering a coupe-like version of the upcoming X7 flagship crossover, which will rival the upcoming Audi Q8 and even possibly the upcoming Lamborghini Urus and Rolls-Royce Cullinan SUVs.

Klaus Fröhlich, BMW’s head of development recently revealed to Autocar that BMW is considering the X8, but no decision has been made. “The sector is growing fast, so there will be opportunity. It is early to talk about X8, but one of the first decisions I made when I worked on product strategy was to take the X5 and make the X6. Everyone said it was not necessary, but it worked. Now we have the X2, X4 and X6. They are emotional and sporty derivatives that work for us.”

The X8 would be a more coupe-like version of the X7, just like how the X5 and X6 are connected.

“There is room for X8 – especially in markets like China – but there are no decisions yet. Each car must have a distinct character, and these are the sort of areas that take time to evaluate.”

Source: Autocar