Apple has unveiled the updates to its newest operating system, iOS 12, which brings some big updates, which includes the ability to use third-party navigation apps with Apple CarPlay. This is big news for Waze users that have wanted to use the navigation app over Apple’s own Maps system.

Up until now Waze users have not been able to use the system with Apple CarPlay, although Ford did find a work around for iOS users with its Sync 3 system. iOS 12 will now be able to show Waze and other third-party navigation Apps on your car’s infotainment screen. Apple hasn’t released a lot of details, so it’s not clear if the system will work by simply updating the iOS operating system on your phone or if it will require some other hardware upgrades in your car as well.

iOS 12 will be available this fall for iPhone 5s and newer iPhone models.

Source: Apple
Photo: Toyota