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Tesla Model S version 6.2 eases range fears and increases safety

Tesla Motors is updating its Model S electric car with software version 6.2 to help ease drivers' worries about running out of battery charge and provide additional safety.

Tesla's Elon Musk says Tesla will end range anxiety this week

Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk has revealed plans for a big announcement from the automaker this week. Musk went to Twitter to announce that during a press conference on Thursday at 9 am, the electric automaker plans to "end range anxiety."

Dual Motor Tesla Model S Announced, Top S P85D Packs 691-HP

Last night Tesla unveiled a new all-wheel-drive version of the Model S, which features two electric motors and will be designated by the "D" designation.

Saleen Previews its Modified Tesla Model S

Saleen has released a few teasers of its upcoming modified version of the Tesla Model S electric sedan.

Tesla Completes its West Coast Supercharger Corridor for Free Travel Between San Diego and Vancouver

Tesla has announced the completion of its Supercharger Corridor on the west coast, which is a network of Tesla Supercharger stations that enable Model S owners to travel for free between San Diego, California and Vancouver, British Columbia.

Tesla Model S with All-Wheel-Drive in the Works?

Tesla is reportedly working on a new all-wheel-drive version of the Model S sedan according to sources that spoke with The Verge.

Tesla Model S Production Now Exceeds 400 a Week

Tesla is now reportedly producing more than 400 Model S sedans a week, which is more than the automaker's initial goal according to CEO Elon Musk.

Tesla Battery Swap Stations Will Arrive by the End of the Year

By the end of the year Tesla is going to install quick-swap bays at its Supercharger stations in California, which will give drivers the ability to swap out their depleted batteries in less than the time that it takes to fill up a tank of gas.

Tesla to Reveal Model S Battery Swap Option Tomorrow

Tesla is going to unveil a new battery swapping option for the Model S.

Tesla Dramatically Expands its Supercharger Network

Tesla has announced plans to dramatically expand its supercharger network, which enables Tesla Model S drivers to travel long distances, for free, indefinitely.

Tesla Pays Off its Entire DOE Loan Nine Years Early

Tesla has just announced that it has paid off the entire loan awarded to the company by the Department of Energy in 2010, nine years early.

Consumer Reports Gives the Tesla Model S a 99 Out of 100 Rating

Consumer Reports has announced that the Tesla Model S has received a rating of 99 out of 100, which means that it's has been rated higher than any other model recently tested.

Tesla Model S Tops the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf in Q1

The sales numbers have been finalized for the first quarter of this year and with that it's now being reported that the Tesla Model S outsold the Chevy Volt in Q1 in North America.

Tesla Announces New "Revolutionary" Finance Deal for the Model S

Tesla has announced that, in partnership with Wells Fargo and US Bank, it has created a revolutionary automotive financing product that provides the best elements of ownership and leasing to Model S customers.

Tesla Model S Exceeds Sales Target, 40 kWh Model Canceled

Tesla has announced that sales of the Tesla Model S sedan have exceeded Tesla's sales targets that were announced in February. Sales of the Model S exceeded 4,750 units vs. the 4,500 unit prior outlook.

Tesla Delays the Model X Crossover by a Year

Tesla's next model, the Model X crossover was due to arrive by the end of this year, but now it looks like its introduction has been delayed by at least a year.

Tesla Raises the Model S Base Price to $59,900

Tesla has announced that it is raising the prices for the Model S sedan, which now starts at $59,900, which is up from $57,400 ($49,900 after federal tax credits).

Tesla Model S Named Motor Trend's 2013 Car of the Year

Earlier this month Automobile Magazine named the Tesla Model S its Automobile of the Year and now Motor Trend has given Tesla's sedan its highest honor by naming it its, 2013 Car of the Year.

Tesla Model S Named 2013 "Automobile of the Year"

The Tesla Model S was just named "Automobile of the Year" by AUTOMOBILE Magazine's team of editors and writers, who stated that the Model S "blew them all away."

Tesla Launches Supercharger Network to Enable Long Distance EV Driving

Tesla has unveiled its new Supercharger network, which will allow the Model S to travel long distances with ultra fast charging throughout California, parts of Nevada and Arizona.

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