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Honda S2000 successor rumored again, still a year away

For years Honda fans have been begging Honda to build a successor to the S2000 and there have even been off and on again rumors of a successor. Now Car and Driver is reporting that Honda is working on a new roadster and we may even get to see it in 2018 - just in time for Honda's 70th birthday.

Will the Honda S2000 successor arrive in 2018?

Honda is reportedly planning to celebrate its upcoming 70th birthday by launching a successor to the S2000. According to a source that spoke with Car & Driver, Honda's engineers are hard at work on the new sports car.

Honda now wants a new S2000 before the 'Baby NSX'

Ever since the Honda S2000 was killed in 2009 there have been rumors about a new model. Well it's been almost seven years since the last S2000 was produced and the rumors continue to surface that Honda is going to bring its beloved roadster back.

Honda S2000 successor may get a turbo engine and two electric motors

There have been rumors about a successor to the Honda S2000 for years and now the latest rumor claims that the successor could get an electrified powertrain that feature a turbocharged engine and two electric motors.

Honda S2000 Comeback Planned for 2017?

The Honda S2000 sadly left us in 2009, but now it's being reported that Honda is working on a new S2000 that will arrive around 2017.

Honda is Reportedly Working on a New Roadster

The Honda S2000 was recently killed and Honda hasn't officially announced any replacements for the roadster. According to Motor Trend Honda is working on a new model that would fuse the S2000 and the 1991 Beat minicar into a...

Honda S2000 Replacement to Get FWD and Hybrid Powertrain? Let's hope not!

The current Honda S2000 is officially going to end production at the end of 2009. Honda has been rumored to be working on a replacement for the past few years, but Honda has yet to release any details about...

Honda S2000 Successor to Get AWD and Hybrid Powertrain?

The Honda S2000 has been on the market since the 2000 model year, but at the end of this year we will have to say goodbye to Honda's only sports car. Honda has announced that the 2009 model year...

It's Official! Honda S2000 Dead at the End of this Year

Honda has officially announced that 2009 will be the final model year for the Honda S2000. The S2000 was originally introduced in 1999 as a 2000 model. "The S2000 is a sports car designed by enthusiasts for enthusiasts," said...