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Honda Clarity EV to get a short 80-mile driving range

Tesla's Model S can travel well over 200 miles, the new Chevy Bolt has a 238 mile driving range and even the Nissan Leaf has a 107 mile range. While every other automaker is looking at longer range electric vehicles, Honda is about to buck that trend with the new Clarity EV, with its short 80 mile range.

Honda will lease you a 2017 Clarity for only $369 a month

Honda has announced that you can now lease a 2017 Clarity fuel cell vehicle for only $369 a month for 36 months.

Honda is expanding the Clarity with electric and plug-in hybrid versions

Honda has announced that the Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle will be produced in electric and plug-in hybrid versions starting next year.

Honda to display US-spec Clarity FCV in New York

This week the 2016 New York Auto Show kicks off on March 23 and Honda has announced that it will be showing off the US-spec version of the Clarity Fuel Cell vehicle.

Honda Clarity fuel cell to cost around $60,000

Honda has revealed the pricing details for the Clarity fuel cell sedan that is expected to launch in California before the end of 2016. When it does go on sale the Clarity is expected to be priced around $60,000 with a targeted monthly lease under $500.

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