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BMW to release 40 new or revamped models over the next 2 years

BMW has announced an ambitious plan to compete with Mercedes-Benz, which will include releasing 40 new or updated models over the next two years. Part of the new introductions will be the small X2 crossover and finally a model larger than the X5, dubbed the X7.

2017 BMW 5 Series Touring will only tease U.S. buyers

BMW has unveiled the all-new 5 Series Touring ahead of its debut next month at the 2017 Geneva Motor Show.

2018 BMW 4 Series gets a small facelift and stiffer suspension

BMW has unveiled the updated 2018 4 Series lineup, which consists of the Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe models. While most buyers will probably not notice the updates, the 2018 4 Series gets sharpened styling, interior updates and a revised suspension.

Four automakers reveal a 350-kilowatt fast-charging network for Europe

Four automakers have announced a partnership that will help launch a fast-charging network in Europe.

BMW i3 refresh and another battery upgrade rumored to arrive next year

It's rumored that BMW is going to give the i3 a refresh sometime next year, with some styling updates and most importantly, an even better driving range.

2017 BMW 5 Series revealed, arrives in the U.S. early next year

Following the earlier photo leaks, BMW has unveiled the all-new seventh-generation 5 Series sedan, which is going to arrive in U.S. showrooms early next year.

Next-Generation BMW 5 Series leaked

BMW is scheduled to reveal the all-new BMW 5 Series sedan tomorrow, but the first photos have already leaked. If you were expecting a dramatic restyle you'll be disappointed, but if you like the design of the larger 7 Series, but want something a bit smaller - this is your car.

BMW confirms electric MINI and X3 in the works

BMW has confirmed that it is working on fully-electric versions of the next-generation X3 and a new MINI model.

BMW X2 concept previews BMW's next crossover

BMW has already revealed plans to introduce a sportier version of the X1, which will be dubbed the X2. The X2 is a sportier alternative to the X1, but it's profile is slightly less coupe-like than the larger X4 and X6 models.

BMW is planning an 8 Series Coupe to rival the Mercedes S Class Coupe

BMW has quietly admitted that the new 7 Series flagship sedan has failed to meet sales expectations and now it's hoping that a new large coupe based on the 7 Series platform will help bring in more sales. An inside source has confirmed that BMW is indeed working on a coupe version of the 7 Series, which will be called the 8 Series.

BMW X2 to debut next month in Paris

BMW continues to expand its crossover lineup and now it's being reported that the automaker is going to unveil its newest crossover - the X2 next month at the Paris Motor Show.

2016 BMW M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition revealed

BMW has unveiled a very limited edition M5, which is only for the U.S. market - the 2016 M5 Pure Metal Silver Limited Edition. As its name suggests, the limited M5 Pure Metal Silver edition is painted in Pure Metal Silver, but it gets even more than a unique paint color.

BMW launches the CLA-fighting compact 1 Series in China

BMW has unveiled, what could be a competitor to the A3 and CLA with the debut of the small 1 Series sedan, but the catch is that it's only for the Chinese market.

BMW 7 Series officially goes green with the 740e plug-in hybrid

Following the introduction of the X5 and 3 Series plug-in hybrids, BMW has unveiled the new plug-in hybrid version of the flagship 7 Series, dubbed the 740e.

The next-generation BMW 3 Series is only 18 months away

BMW is expected to reveal an all-new 5 Series in a few months, but it's also being reported that the next-generation 3 Series isn't that far away either.

You won't be able to buy a BMW 3 Series Wagon much longer in the U.S.

Wagons continue to be overshadowed by crossovers in the U.S. and now we have another victim. It's being reported that BMW will not bring a wagon version of the next-generation to the U.S.

BMW to supply to Los Angeles Police Dept with 100 i3 EVs

BMW has announced that it will supply the Los Angeles Police Department with 100 i3 electric vehicles for use in the department's transportation fleet. The addition of the 100 BMW i3 electric vehicles follows the initial trial of a BMW i3 in LA's fleet.

BMW to launch M2 Gran Coupe in 2019

Unlike the 4-Series Gran Coupe that isn't available in an M version, it's being reported that the 2-Series Gran Coupe will get an M version - called the M2 Gran Coupe.

2017 BMW 3 Series Gran Turismo gets a facelift

BMW has unveiled the updated 2017 3 Series Gran Turismo, which most buyers probably won't even know has actually been updated. Just like the recent updates to the 3 Series sedan, the Gran Turismo version is getting some small updates on the outside, while bigger changes happen under the exterior.

BMW celebrates 30 years of the M3

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the introduction of the M3 and to celebrate it, BMW is releasing the anniversary edition "30 Years M3."