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Hyundai will release a 200-mile range Ioniq in 2018


Hyundai is currently working on a longer range version of its upcoming Ioniq electric car that will be able to drive at least 200 miles between charges. That means that Hyundai will throw its hat in the ring with other models, like the new Chevy Bolt, Tesla Model 3 and even the next-gem Nissan Leaf.

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The Ioniq has yet to go on sale, but when it does early next year it will only have a driving range around 124 miles, which is better than most electric cars on the market today, but still not enough. Ahn Byung-ki, director of Hyundai's eco-vehicle performance group, recently stated, "124 is not enough, and we have a plan to extend that to more than 200 by 2018."

The Ioniq is also available in hybrid and plug-in hybrid versions.

Source: Automotive News

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