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Honda will lease you a 2017 Clarity for only $369 a month


Fuel cell vehicles have yet to become anywhere near as popular as traditional electric cars or hybrids, but they could find a few more homes thanks to the attractive pricing. Honda has announced that you can now lease a 2017 Clarity fuel cell vehicle for only $369 a month for 36 months.

While a three year lease for $369 a month may not seem that ground breaking, but that's before you hear that you can drive the Clarity up to 20,000 miles a year and that it also comes with up to $15,000 of hydrogen fuel and up to 21 days of an Avis Luxury Rental in California.

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"Launching the Honda Clarity Fuel Cell at an affordable lease price will enable more consumers to enjoy the benefits of this spacious and well-equipped fuel cell vehicle," said Steve Center, vice president of the Environmental Business Development Office at American Honda Motor Co., Inc. "With an EPA driving range rating of 366 miles, fast refueling and a growing network of hydrogen stations in key California markets, the Clarity Fuel Cell offers an experience on par with traditional gasoline vehicles."

The Toyota Mirai, the Clarity's closest competitor can be leased for $349 a month, but only allows for $12,000 miles a year.

Source: Honda

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