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Chevy is first automaker to sell 100,000 plug-in vehicles


Chevy has announced that it has sold the 100,000th Chevy Volt, making it the first automaker to sell 100,000 plug-in vehicles. According to to the automaker in addition to the 100,000 milestone, Volt owners have driven almost 1.5 billion miles in EV mode of a total 2.5 billion cumulative miles, which means that Volt drivers have saved nearly 58 million gallons of fuel.

With the arrival of the all-new second-generation Volt, sales are expected to continue to rise with the longer 53-mile EV range and a 106 mpg-e combined city/highway rating. Chevy expects the average 2017 Volt driver who fully charges the car regularly to travel more than 1,000 miles between gas fill ups.

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"The Chevrolet Volt delivers not just a fun driving experience behind the wheel, but has become the first vehicle with plug-in electrification technology to truly become mainstream," said Steve Majoros, director of marketing, Chevrolet Cars and Crossovers. "Not only is the Volt a class-creator, it serves as the foundation of a Chevrolet electric family that will soon add the first long-range, affordable EV available to customers across the U.S., the Chevrolet Bolt EV."

Source: Chevy

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