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VW's upcoming three-row crossover will get an American-style name


VW has big hopes for its upcoming three-row crossover, which it hopes will help the automaker recover from its recent diesel scandal. VW has already announced plans to build the new crossover at its Tennessee plant and now VW has revealed that it will get an American-style name to help it further appeal to buyers in the U.S.

Traditionally the new SUV would have been named by a committee in Germany that would have decided on a global name for the SUV, which would have started with a "T," like the current Tiguan and Touareg crossovers. Instead, Hinrich Woebcken, CEO of VW's new Volkswagen North America region has revealed that it the new SUV will have a "bullish, much easier to pronounce, American-style name," which will be unique to the U.S. market. It's unlikely that its name will start with a "T."

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Woebcken believes that the decision to allow for a different name for the U.S. market is a sign that VW executives are finally willing to put more resources into its U.S. operations. "Two or three years ago, it would've been a no-go that the region decides an individual name," Woebcken told Automotive News. "This is already an early sign that Wolfsburg is willing to let go."

VW hasn't announced when the new SUV will be revealed, but it should be either at the LA Auto Show in November or the Detroit Auto Show in January.

Source: Automotive News

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