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Toyota Turns the Camry Into an 850-HP Drag Car for SEMA


At first glance this Camry looks almost identical to the 2015 Camry that you'll find at your local Toyota dealership, but there's something hidden underneath. Toyota has turned the Camry into the ultimate "sleeper" by hiding a purpose-built 850 horsepower dragster under the Camry's skin.

Toyota unveiled the Sleeper Camry at today at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas. According to Toyota, the excitement was palpable as crowds of onlookers rushed into the Toyota booth to get a glimpse at the source of the ear-splitting growl that shook Central Hall to its foundation.

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"This is the most extreme build we've ever unveiled at SEMA," said Toyota Engagement Marketing and Motorsports National Manager Steve Appelbaum. "The transformation from seemingly stock Camry to full-blown racecar just shocks the senses. Chuck Wade and the team at Motorsports Technical Center did a truly spectacular job executing the vision of this project."


To build the Sleeper Camry the build team extracted the outer shell of the all-new 2015 Camry and mated it to a full tube-frame chassis. Underneath the Camry's skin the Toyota installed the Tundra's 5.7-liter V8 engine, transmission, rear axle and electronics. The engine is blown with a TRD supercharger and also features a wet nitrous system. Directing the power to the asphalt areDOT 335/30/18 drag racing tires which are expected to help propel the Sleeper Camry to a blistering 9.80-second quarter-mile time.

"This Camry is the ultimate sleeper -- it definitely has the element of surprise on its side and more than enough muscle to drop the hammer on any unsuspecting car that pulls up," said Wade, Motorsports Technical Center Director.

Source: Toyota

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