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GM Delays the Next-Generation Chevy Cruze


GM originally planned to release a new Chevy Cruze by the end of next year, but GM has now reportedly delayed the next Cruze by at least a year. GM wants to take extra time some engineering updates and would also like to get more sales from the current Cruze.

According to unnamed sources the next-generation Cruze was originally scheduled to debut in late 2014, but now it's been pushed back to December 2015. Sales of the Cruze are currently up 17 percent this year and in June it was the second best-selling car in the U.S. behind the Toyota Camry, which is probably one of the reasons that GM doesn't feel the need to redesign it right away.

The next Cruze will be completely redesigned with a bigger interior, more spacious trunk and better fuel economy.

Source: GM via Automotive News

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