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2014 Jeep Cherokee Production Delayed


Chrysler has delayed the production kick for the all-new 2014 Jeep Cherokee by at least a month, but remains confident that inventory will be strong by the fall. We did start with an initial scheduled plan of the third week in May, and now we are into mid-June," Mark Chernoby, Chrysler's senior vice president of engineering, told the Free Press. "That is just due to a wide range of issues."


The 2014 Cherokee was unveiled at the New York Auto Show in March and will replace the Liberty in Jeep's US lineup. Production will kick off at Chrysler's Toledo North assembly plant. Chrysler didn't provide many details into what is causing the delay, other than attributing it to the normal new vehicle launch process. The fact that the Cherokee is based off a Fiat platform and is also the first Chrysler to feature the new nine-speed ZF automatic transmission are probably not helping.


"Right now, we are at a point where we have dozens of open issues. It is less than 100," Chernoby said. "But this is kind of the normal nose cone of the launch process."

Free Press

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