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McLaren Shows Off the P1 Supercar's Cockpit

Mclaren has released a set of interior photos of the upcoming McLaren P1 supercar, which features a very minimalistic design that is fully focused on the driver, and is clear from clutter and distraction. McLaren has designed the interior to feel like the cockpit of a fighter jet, complete with glass canopy overhead.


Even though the interior's layout and carbon fiber materials were chosen to keep the P1's weight in check, the McLaren P1 retains luxury features such as full climate control, satellite navigation and a bespoke sound system, developed from the outset with Meridian. Carbon fiber is used for the dashboard, floor, headlining, doors, rockers and a single piece is shaped for the central control unit to further optimize weight. To further reduce weight, the top layer of resin has been removed, to leave the carbon non-lacquered for a more natural look...and saves a further an extra three pounds.


The racing bucket seats use the minimum amount of foam, are encased in ultra-thin carbon fiber shells, and mounted on lightweight brackets and runners, contributing to an overall weight of just 23 pounds each. The seat backs are fixed to 28 degrees from the vertical, but can be set to 32 degrees to make them more suitable for racing as it will give more helmet head room.


The McLaren P1 will officially debut next month at the Geneva Motor Show.

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