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Nissan To Add 15 Hybrid Models To Its Lineup by 2016.

Nissan's Chief Operating Officer Toshiyuki Shiga provided details on the automaker's environmental commitments under the Nissan Green Program 2016 at a press briefing in Yokohama. Nissan gave an update on its eco-targets, highlighting cuts in CO2 emissions and a plan to add 15 hybrid models by 2016.

"Thanks to environmentally friendly technology and new products, we are completely in line with our targets for the reduction of C02 in the usage of vehicles, " said Shiga. Nissan estimates that new electric vehicles and 15 hybrids will build on an estimated 19% rise in average fuel economy since 2005 in major markets, which Nissan intends to improve even further.
"We've made most progress in raising fuel economy," said Hiromi Asahi, deputy general manager of Nissan's Environmental Planning Group. "We've introduced five cars globally, including the Altima in the U.S., which have top-level fuel efficiency."

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