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GM Gives the Chevy Malibu an Early Facelift

General Motors is reportedly pushing up a midcycle refresh of the Chevy Malibu, that will be released by late next year, only 18 months after the sedan's initial launch. GM CEO Dan Akerson told Automotive News confirmed the plans, which are seen as a response to slow sales of the new Malibu.

"We are going to do a midcycle enhancement, not dramatic, by this time next year," Akerson stated.


Most automakers perform midcycle facelifts about three years after a car is launched. The new Malibu has received unflattering reviews, which has prompted GM to push do the refresh earlier than expected.

Honda also recently did the same thing with the Civic after the media heavily criticized the 2012 Civic that launched in spring 2011. A heavily revised 2013 Civic was just released.

Automotive News

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