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EPA to Investigate 2013 Ford Fusion Hybrid and C-MAX Mileage Claims

Following several reports, including one from Consumer Reports, the EPA is currently investigating whether Ford's newest hybrids actually achieve their 47 mpg fuel economy ratings. Last week Consumer Reports stated that they were only able to get up to 39 mpg in the Fusion Hybrid and 37 mpg in the C-MAX hybrid. We've also tested the C-MAX Hybrid and also only averaged in the 36-37 mpg range, which is far below Ford's estimates.

The new investigation comes after both Hyundai and Kia admitted that they overstated the MPG ratings for many of their vehicles. As a result of the discrepancies, Hyundai and Kia havegiven customers of the 900,000 vehicles purchased in the past two years prepaid fuel cards to reimburse them for the incorrect fuel economy ratings. Unfortunately for Hyundai and Kia, the EPA is still continuing to investigate the claims and may seek civil penalties.


Even though there have been several reports about the Ford hybrid's fuel economy ratings, the EPA does sttate that in general hybrids show more variability in mileage per gallon.

"There's absolutely no doubt: A hybrid is going to be far more variable than a conventional vehicle," said Linc Wehrly, director of light-duty vehicle center compliance division at the EPA's Ann Arbor laboratory.

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