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Honda Expects Fit Sales to Surge Over the Next Four Years

Honda's President Takanobu Ito recently spoke to Automotive News, in which he revealed some of Honda's future plans and specially how it expects to sell 2 million vehicles in 2016. Part of Honda's big sales boost will come from the next-generation Fit and its new variants. Ito expects sales of the Fit to surge to 200,000 units annually over the next four years, which is up from the 64,177 units sold in 2011.

The Fit will become increasingly more important for Honda as it expects the small car to account for Honda's increased total sales volume. The sales of the current Fit in the U.S. have been hampered by an unfavorable exchange rate, since all of the units we get here come directly from Japan. Back in June Honda CFO Fumihiko Ike revealed that Honda limits the number of exports from Japan, which means that the Fit demand for the Fit is much higher than Honda can supply.

Next year an all-new Fit will be released and in 2014 a new plant in Mexico will open, which will produce 200,000 Fits and Fit-based variants. Most of the Fits produced at the plant in Mexico will go to the U.S. Honda hasn't stated what other variants will be based on the next Fit, although a small crossover is expected.

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