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2013 Honda CR-Z Gets More Power and Starts at $19,975

Honda has unveiled the US-spec version of the revised 2013 Honda CR-Z. For the 2013 model year the CR-Z hybrid gets new styling tweaks, an updated interior and most importantly, more power under the hood. One of our biggest complaints about the current CR-Z is that it's hybrid powertrain could use more power to fully earn its "sport hybrid" label. Honda has answered this with a little more power under the hood, without reducing its fuel efficiency.


The 2013 CR-Z is powered by the same 1.5L four-cylinder engine that is mated to an electric motor. For the 2013 model year, the CR-Z gets a new lithium-ion battery pack and assist from the electric motor has jumped from 10 kW to 15 kW. The CR-Z now packs 130 horsepower and 140 lb-ft. of torque (127 lb-ft. on CVT-equipped models), a gain of eight horsepower and 12 lb-ft of torque (4 lb-ft on CVT equipped models). Manual-transmission versions also receive both a larger clutch and a new lower final drive ratio. The CR-Z's MPG ratings have also improved slightly. On CVT-equipped models, the EPA city/hwy/combined rating is up 1 mpg city to 36/39/37 mpg, while models equipped with the 6-speed manual transmission see an EPA mpg rating of 31/38/34, a gain of 1 mpg highway.


A new Plus Sport System is standard on the 2013 Honda CR-Z. If the battery is more than 50 percent charged and the CR-Z is traveling over 19 mph, the driver can activate this feature using the "S+" button on the steering wheel. When activated and the accelerator is pressed, electric boost begins, delivering increased acceleration for up to five seconds.

On the outside the 2013 CR-Z gets a new front fascia with a new mesh grille and "floating" lower front spoiler lip. New brighter chrome plating on the headlights tinged with blue clearcoat are supposed to hint at the CR-Z's hybrid powertrain. The new rear diffuser mimics the floating lip of the front spoiler while also improving aerodynamic performance, and the lower portion of the tail lights receive the same blue clearcoat treatment. The 2013 CR-Z also rides on new darker-tinged 16-inch aluminum wheels.


The 2013 CR-Z's interior gets updated with new metallic trim on the door pulls and latches, center console, speaker grilles and lower steering-wheel spokes. The door-pad trim has also been upgraded with a new, more upscale lamination. For 2013, CR-Z EX and Navi trims will provide an all-new black and red interior trim combination that adds new two-toned combi seats, and colored accents to the door panels and floor mats. The CR-Z also now comes standard with Bluetooth and a rear-view camera.


Keep your fingers crossed that Honda will eventually release a CR-Z with some real power under the hood.

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