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2013 Nissan Altima's Rear Camera Has Multiple Functions

Rear cameras are popping up on almost every new car, but most of them only provide a digital view of the rear of a car when it's in reverse. The 2013 Nissan Altima's rear camera takes it up a few notches with three functions.

In addition to providing another view of what's behind you, the Altima's camera features "moving object detection" that scans the area behind the Altima. If a moving object is detected in this area, a yellow frame appears around the rear camera image in the center dash screen and a beeping prompt sounds.

The Altma's camera also features "lane departure warning," a feature that warns a driver if the vehicle drifts from the lane. The rear camera is constantly scanning the roadway for lane markers; if it detects the car leaving the confines of the lane, an icon lights up and an audible cue sounds.


The 2013 Altima also helps the driver know if a vehicle is in the Altima's blind spot with "blind spot warning." An icon lights up to signal when a vehicle is detected in the vehicle's blind spot area. If the warning is ignored and the driver attempts a lane change by putting on their turn signal, a beeping cue also beings to sound.

"What's very neat is that typically these technologies require extra hardware. So that's what typically makes this technology expensive and isolated to luxury class vehicles. So for the first time we are bringing this technology to the mid-sized sedan segment, especially lane departure warning and moving object detection," said Vishnu Jayamohan, Nissan Product Planning and Advanced Strategy.

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