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2013 Cadillac SRX Extends Cadillac's CUE System

The 2013 Cadillac SRX will be offered a new entertainment package featuring a Blu-Ray DVD player that extends Cadillac's CUE system for connectivity to the rear seats along with a redesigned gaming-style remote control that allows each of the 8" flip-up rear screens to play unique media. With CUE, users can pair of up to 10 Bluetooth-enabled devices at once. Also for the first time, rear-seat passengers can connect to and manage their own music players and playlists.


"Having multiple media connectivity options really gives owners flexibility with entertainment, especially families," said Charlene Goike, rear seat entertainment lead engineer. "One can easily pop in their camera's SD cards on the way home from their kid's sports games to let the young ones instantly relive the action."


"We actually invited a group of kids to test and interact with the new rear-seat entertainment features," said Shannon Chiarcos, human factors engineer responsible for gathering consumer feedback on entertainment options in the vehicle. "The data we collected allowed us to go back and make several adjustments to the system, including simplifying the remote control so that kids could use it without the help of an adult."

The rear-seat entertainment package will be available as an option on Luxury (with navigation,) Performance and Premium SRX trim models and will retail for $1,595.

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